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Caitlin Bailey

Caitlin is our in-house Digital Marketing Specialist. In the office, she handles all the sleep news and sleep-related content. While at home, she likes to unplug a bit. As a local to Florida, her favorite activities include anything water-related, jet skis, free diving, and beach days galore!

Can I Use My Existing Bed Frame?

Everyone has their own unique style. For many of us, the bed frame ties the whole look of your bedroom together. Some of us take weeks researching, looking at different options, colors, and materials to find the perfect fit. When it's time to think about that upgrade to a Sven & Son adjustable bed base, it can be a top priority to make sure your existing bed frame, or headboard, will work. 

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Daylight Saving Time and Sleep

To put it plain and simple, the start of daylight-saving time is a big drag. We trudge through the following days tired, grouchy, and confused when the sun doesn’t show up until 9 am. Daylight saving brings its challenges, but we also know this means summer is right around the corner and we will enjoy nice, long days outside!

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How to Sync or Un-Sync Your Sven & Son Adjustable Bed Base

We know how exciting it can be to receive that big purchase after waiting patiently. As adults, we especially love when we get a new item to update our home. An adjustable bed base is one of those upgrades many of us never knew we needed it until we got one. So, you get right to work setting it up and playing with all the features, but sometimes, the little steps in between that make your luxury item that much better are forgotten. That’s where we come in! One of the questions we receive most often is how do you sync your new split king bed base? Let us break it down for you so you can get back to relaxing like a pro.  

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